lauantai 9. lokakuuta 2010


Do you guys remember good old days with SNES and N64?
I miss those days.

This was the first gaming console which I've got! I remember that day when my dad bought it for my birthday! I played a lot!
My first and favourite game was Yoshi's Island! It's a pity that I don't have remote for Super Nintendo which means that I canno't play anymore this game...

My dad bought N64 for birthday present too! All my friends came to play this! We played 24/7 Mario Kart and Pokémon Stadium! This is so epic console! It's sad though that my remote is broken nowdays.. :(

Game Boy Color! I love this! Mostly I played Pokémon games on this! It was my favourite! I still have this and it works perfectly! I remember when I fought against my friend! My favourite pokémon was Charmander! I hated that I  couldn't use any hacks on yellow games..

What's your opinion about old games? (:

3 kommenttia:

  1. But, I do remember going out to town with my dad and actually buying the n64 games. I remember when I came home with ArmyMen, that was such a great game then.
    Fuck. Nostalgia.

  2. Man... the nintendo and nes brings back so many fun memories of being a kid and playing mario on a shitty tv... those times will never be forgotten